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Pay And Worship Me

Pay And Worship Me
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Today is worship day LOSER! Get on your hands and knees and don’t u dare touch your cock… “Do those long legs make you weak for me! Do those feet make u WEAK…” U’re Goddess is your whole world. Your sole reason for getting out of bed in the morning. U get off on the thought of your QUEEN getting richer and richer while u get weaker and poorer, Ella loves how her STRONG, DOMINANT ALPHA PHYSIQUE and sexy little feet can turn u into a complete dribbling WRECK. Countless numbers of U FREAKS have been HYPNOTISED by YOUR GODDESS making U LOSERS CRAVE HER AROMA! Now beg like the little loser bitch u are to suck her TOES. “Do as I say and buy me what I want! Take a look at my perfect body and do as I say. That’s it, go and pay Life-Time premium will do.”

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