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Nikki Brooks – Nikki Brooks Sissy Enrollment FULL

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Welcome to the Sissy Maid Academy! Madame Brooks is here to ensure you achieve all of your sissy goals! You’ve flipped through the brochure and it enticed you to join her at the Academy. You showed up in your manly clothes and she is not impressed. However, she is going to search for an extra maid uniform for you in your size. She can’t promise it’ll be as sexy as the one she is wearing, but it’ll have frills in all the right places! Madame Brooks is here to teach, encourage and guide you to be the PERFECT Sissy Maid. Don’t be so apprehensive. This is a time for excitement and to make all of your fantasies come true. Those sissy slutty tasks that you’ve always dreamed of- can and will finally come true. Just as you start to become hard, she reminds you that once you enter the Sissy Academy, you have to lock your clitty up in chastity. Feminized thoughts and mannerisms are your future! She orders you to take out your cock and stroke it one last time. As you watch her masturbate and vibrate her pussy, you become mesmerized. She has you BEG for your sissy maid outfit simultaneously putting you in a cuckold mindset. You’ll be all frilled up watching a stud fuck her pussy and that you will be on clean up duty! You want to grab her tits, lick her pussy and everything in between, but then you realize that your new reality of being a feminized sissy maid has already begun! Lock that clitty and put on your new sissy maid outfit. The Academy has BEGUN!! You awake next to Madame Brooks encased in the frilly maid outfit that she had promised! You quickly realize this fantasy of joining the Sissy Academy is a reality. She has blindfolded you to heighten all of your senses. A sissy maid does need to have excellent hearing for orders and to hear the moans during her playful evenings. Not to mention, because Madame Brooks looks too smoking hot in her skimpy maid outfit. You are a rubber sissy doll and will obey all of Madame Brooks orders. As you sit and await for your next task, Madame Brooks kisses the object that you are right on the lips. This is to remind you that will be the last time you kiss a woman. All of your masculinity will be drained from your mind. As your senses heighten with every moment of darkness, Madame Brooks takes these moments to tease you by shoving her huge tits and ass in your pretty rubber face. She tops it off with her perfect feet fucking your mouth! Next up will be training you to become a sissy rubber fuck maid that can take all of the boys cocks at the frat house! One night of training and you’ll be trained to perfection! Madame Brooks will fix you right up!

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