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Natashas Bedroom – Welcome To Hell

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Welcome to HELL. Are you ready to suffer in all kinds of different ways? Look down at your cock. Now look at your balls. Then at your nipples. These parts of your body are my primary targets, though I'll make sure every inch of you suffers and aches. The next 23 minutes are not going to be pleasant for you. Every second will be pure HELL. You will be teased and tormented as you jerk. You will hurt, physically and mentally, until you beg for mercy. Then you'll be f o r c e d to take even more. I can't deny how much I like it when you cry out in pain. You will ruin your orgasm in an especially excruciating way. These tasks are pure evil, and YOU will complete every last one of them. Once you enter hell, there's no exit. You won't be finished until I've fucked you up completely.

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