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Natalie Wonder – Sweet Kisses All Over Mommy’s Body

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This was a commissioned video.  No names were used.  For your own personalized fantasy please contact me for details. Muah Muah Muah Muah!  I love when we take turns giving each other sweet kisses.  Step-Mommy could kiss you all day on your cheeks, your cute nose and even on your lips.  It's your turn to give step-mommy kisses now.  You want to kiss step-mommy where??  You're right baby, lets not discriminate by only kissing step-mommy's face.  You can kiss the rest of step-mommy's body.  My neck...collarbone...then down to my chest...step-mommy's tits...nipples (which are so VERY hard) Mmmmm I want more kisses from my sweet boy.  Now kiss step-mommy's belly.  Good boy.  Lower.  A little lower.  You still wanna give kisses to step-mommy?  What about step-mommy's butt?  Good boy, kiss step-mommy's ass.  I'm going to spread my ass and I want you to give step-mommy a great big kiss right on my asshole.  And now...step-mommy will turn around so you can kiss step-mommy right here...right on her pussy.  A FRENCH KISS this time.  That's it baby, the more tongue the better.  Kiss and lick step-mommy's swollen, naturally hairy pussy lips.  Then you can lick on the inside as I spread my pink wet hole for your french kisses...

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