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NataliaLeo – You’re My Sex Toy 3 – Cucked

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Come over here, I have something extra special planned for us today. Since you're my sex toy now, I want you to have to stand there in the corner and watch while my boyfriend fucks me. I want you to be our special little cuck. This time I'll let you jerk off while you watch, but you have to promise to follow my instructions exactly. I strip out of my sexy school girl uniform teasing you about how crazy it's going to make you to just watch as another man fills me up. I sit on his big cock, riding him in cowgirl position until I have a world shattering orgasm. My pussy is sticky with cum when I have him fuck my ass in front of you. I tell you to match the strokes on your cock with the strokes he's making inside of me. I give you jerk off instructions so you always know that you're completely under my control. I have another amazing anal orgasm. I'm begging for my boyfriend to cum all over my ass cheeks. Now that you're at your most vulnerable I tell you that in order for you to get your orgasm, your release you have to do one more thing for me--eat my boyfriends cum. That's right, as soon as he pulls out and covers my ass in his cum I want you to clean it all up with your tongue. That's the only way you get to cum on my ass as well. Are you man enough for it? Or will I have to tell everyone I know that you're my little sex toy?

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