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Multi Racial Storm Remastered

Multi Racial Storm Remastered
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Cucci being italian is fascinated by the different ethnics n cultures that live in his town. That's the reason why he organizes regular parties with girls from different part of the world. He is interested 2 know their origins, their traditions n why not, he hopes 2 find a future girlfriend being single. This evening one of these parties has been arranged with four different girls from four different nations. To welcome them in the best possible way he attaches posters, t-shirts, pics, and flags of their nations 2 the wall. The 1st one knocking at his door is Reine. She comes from Cameroon, and arrives at the party in a traditional outfit. Cucci welcomes her very warmly n starts chatting with her 2 get 2 know her better. A few minutes later the second girl, Lila, arrives. She comes from The Reunion a french isle in the African territory n he starts chatting with her as well. A few minutes later a third & a fourth girl arrive. The 1-st one is Noemi n she is French, the second is Kenza from Morocco. Cucci is literally enchanted & fasinated by these beautiful girls n their different cultures n traditions and he's really keen 2 know them better. But unfortunately the conversation between him n the girls turns ugly. Cucci notices that these girls have the same exact defects of any other girl he knows from anywhere. They don't like football, they are insensitive & materialist, and don't have the same sense of humor as Cucci and he finds them very cold. In brief, gets bored of them very quickly n no longer wants 2 get 2 know them better n even worse this dickhead starts 2 criticize their outfits especially the one of Reine n insists Italy is the best nation in the world. He's so pathetic that he even starts kissing n embracing his flag on the wall. The girls don't believe their eyes watching this idiod & feel offended by his stupid attitude. They circle him n assault him violently all at once. They push him down hard on the floor n order him 2 swallow a piece of paper with a picture of the Italian flag on. They starts his ribs n jumping on him ly in their shoes. Reine especially is particularly aggressive as she kicks him n tramples him with maximum rage n fury. Keywords: Femdom, , Cucci, High Heels, , Foot Worship, Foot Fetish

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