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Mistress Stella – Girly Girly Guidance – Part 1 – Initiation

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This is the first file in a series of four mp3s carefully crafted to set your inner girly girl free and leave your male self behind. You’ll lose your attraction to women, stroke your clitty for hot guys, and lust over hard throbbing cock until you’re desperate enough to seek out a man to sexually satisfy. To all the sissy sluts who wish to push things to the next level… It’s time for your initiation into womanhood. Listen and obey me, my beautiful little pet. It shouldn’t be hard to slip into my spell at this point. Even if this is somehow the first time you’ve listened to my voice, you’ll feel as if you’ve let me in countless times before. Slide deep into trance as I guide you into a sweet, happy, girly state of being. I know your own sexuality confuses you, sweetie. You’ve always locked your inner girl inside a cage, just to fit in as a man. It’s okay to let go of all of that with me. I won’t judge you. I won’t hurt you. I’ll embrace your true self for who she is: a beautiful, sensitive, horny slut of a girl. The more you listen to my voice, the closer she gets to the surface. The closer she gets to freedom. Of course, you’ll be allowed to stroke and tease your little clitty while listening… but you must be mindful of how you masturbate. You won’t be pumping your little thingy like a real man anymore. You’ll use one finger and rub the sweet spot of your clitty like a real girl does, slowly building your arousal as I tease your weak little mind with fantasies of sexy men and their hard cocks. You’ll have a strong desire to dress like a girl, act like a girl, and simply BE a girl in real life. You weren’t born a man after all, you were born to be a girl on the inside and out. The end of this file will act as the initiation into your training with future “Girly Girl Guidance” mp3s. Listen well and do as I say, my precious slut. 34 minutes of girly girl training Induction into trance Masturbation instruction Bringing out your true feminine self Masculinity removal Attraction to men Loss of attraction to women Cocksucking desire Crossdressing Orgasm command Persisting feeling of femininity after the file ends (may last for a day or longer)

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