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Mistress Shelly – She Barbie

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Imagine that you are out at the hottest nightclub in your city. All night your eyes have been fixated on this beautiful blonde girl whom you have given the nickname, Barbie. She has been in the middle of the dance floor shaking her ass all night. The two of you begin to dance together. Something about her is so mesmerizing, you just can't get enough. As the two of you are dancing together with your hands all over each other's bodies, Barbie reaches down and grabs your cock! You want to cum right then and there on the dance floor, but you contain yourself. All you can think about is an entire night back at your place with this sexy little Minx. Before you know it the two of you are back at your place! Barbie makes you feel things that you never even imagined were possible. Your entire body feels like it is on fire. The two of you begin to kiss passionately as you throw her up against the wall. Barbie drops down to her knees and begins to suck you off better than any woman you've ever been with! Feel her hands exploring your hot, sexy body. You know you want to blow your load all over her sexy little face. You want to see your hot sticky cum dripping from Barbie's hair, don't you, pet? Barbie makes you feel like such a strong and masculine man. You pull Barbie up off of the floor by her hair and begin to kiss her even more passionately than before. That's when you reach your hands between her legs expecting to find a warm, wet pussy, but instead you feel a tranny cock! At first you feel overwhelmed and even scared, but that feeling soon turns to excitement! You feel waves of pleasure surge through your body. It feels like you are having sex for the very first time! You are nervous and excited in one. Before you know it, you are down on the floor kneeling before Barbie with her tranny cock in your mouth. Barbie wraps her legs around your shoulders, burying your face in her sissy pussy. You love the way it feels when you suck Barbie off. You love it even more when she leads you to the bedroom and throws you down on the bed and begins to fuck you with her Tranny cock. Now, you've been fucked by a strap-on before but this is WAY better! This strap-on is rock hard and THROBBING inside of you, and Barbie knows how to use it! She reaches down and grabs your cock while she fucks you silly. Look into her eyes. Get lost in her bouncing tits! Reach up and feel them. Twist her nipples. Hear Barbie MOAN LOUDLY! You are soo turned on, pet! Get ready to cum with Barbie! It's going to feel soo amazing!

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