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Mistress Anna Elite – Twice Ruined Third Time Denied Part 2

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I have teased and edged my slave with my hand until he had his first ruined orgasm. Now it is time to continue this torment with a few exciting tools. I bring out the Doxy, a wand vibrator which I enjoy using on desperate cocks. I place the Doxy on the most sensitive part of his cock, and stroke it up and down with my hand clasping his shaft. My slave breathes heavily as he tries to control his orgasm, and warns me that he is close. I remove all sensation to reduce the surge of his orgasm, keeping him on the edge- so frustrating for him. I return my hand and the Doxy to his cock, and remind him to hold his orgasm back. His cock is now engorged and sensitive, which makes the sensations from the Doxy so much more intense. My slave moans louder, struggling to keep himself controlled under this exquisite torment. His moans are soon muffled as I sit on his face, teasing him with my latex clad pussy. I keep him on the edge, teetering between desperation and frustration. I give him some encouragement to take this torment for me, for my enjoyment, and for as long as I want it to continue. I drip some more of my spit onto his cock and turn off the Doxy- I want to ruin his next orgasm with my hand. I stroke his cock to keep him hovering on the edge- he warns me he is close so I pull away, but he cannot control the spunk firing out of his cock! He has ruined his own orgasm before getting permission to cum. I slip on the latex gloves again and grasp his cock once more. After two ruined orgasms, his cock is still hard, desperate for a full release. I hover my pussy over his face, stroking his cock with some extra lube to bring him closer to orgasm once again. I fasten the pace of my hand stroking his cock, and I remind him that the next orgasm he has will be ruined. There shall be no more pleasureable orgasms from now on for this slave. I bring out the Doxy again, and commence the intense sensations on the tip of his cock. I instruct him to tell me as soon as he feels the beginning of an orgasm, he is to beg for a ruined release. I stroke the Doxy over the tip of his cock, bringing him closer to orgasm. His cock is so sensitive from the relentless torment I have given him so far. I decide we need a stronger form of torment to bring this slave to the edge of orgasm, so I slide his cock into the lubed milking machine sheath. I start the machine, which sucks onto his cock and thrusts itself up and down his shaft. I quicken the pace of the machine, milking his cock and bringing him closer to an orgasm which will inevitably be denied. My slave is breathing heavily, his cock sore and sensitive. As the milking machine fucks his cock, my slave tells me he doesn’t think he can cum a third time. After giving him a final 10 second countdown inside the milking machine, he is fully denied any form of pleasure. After two ruined orgasms and plenty of torment, his cock remains hard and frustrated.

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