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Mistress Anna Elite – A Painful Predicament

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Miss Diana and I have a willing slave strapped to a bench, and we tell him his cock and balls are going to be destroyed by us, purely for our enjoyment. As we assess his cock, it starts leaking precum, already very excited. We decide to start with his balls, and I bring out a perspex ball crusher. After slowly removing each screw, Miss Diana and I carefully attempt to place the slave’s balls into the contraption. The slave grunts as we manipulate his testicles to fit inside the ball crusher, but his balls aren’t complying! We decide to move on from his balls and place a clamp over his cock. The slave groans as I twist the metal screw slowly to increase the pressure of the clamp over his shaft. Once the clamp is secured tightly onto his cock, I get some rope to use as an alternative for the ball crusher. Instead of flattening his balls, this slave will have stretched balls! I tie the rope tightly around the base of his balls, and pull hard. The slave grunts and moans as I maintain my pressure on the rope, pulling his balls further away from his body. Miss Diana takes the rope and tugs on the rope, with the addition of her nails digging into his delicate ballsack. Miss Diana almost bends backwards as she pulls on the rope tied around his balls! We agree to allow this slave to cum, but it won’t be easy for him. I remove the clamp from his cock, and add a spiked cockring around his shaft. His cock barely fills the ring, so we encourage him to get harder to ensure it doesn’t fall off! Miss Diana chooses the power tool to help this slave reach release. Miss Diana lubes up his cock and pulls his roped balls out of the way so that I can slide his cock into the power tool attachment. His moans are drowned out by the power tool’s loud whine, showcasing its intense vibrations. Miss Diana pulls the tescicle ropes tighter as I continue to stimulate the slave’s now hard cock with the power tool attachment. We laugh at his predicament, struggling to cum with the painful sensations from the spiked cock ring and the pull of the rope around his testicles. This slave with his useless cock is left tormented and frustrated.

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