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Mistress An Li – JOI- Scared to Be Pegged

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Let's be honest here: you've thought about being pegged before. You've probably done more than thought about it. You've fantasized about it, possibly jerked off to strap-on porn. You dream of a dominant woman taking you from behind, grabbing your hips, and thrusting her cock inside of you. You wonder what it feels like to be filled up from the inside, the role reversal of taking it. But you've held back. You're scared. You don't know if it makes you gay (hint: it doesn't), you're afraid to ask your partner, and you've never mustered up the courage to just do it. For some reason, you've dreamed of a strap-on Mistress but you've never taken the step to do it despite how long you've lusted for it. I'm going to make this very easy for you today. You've been waiting for the right moment to become a butt slut, and now is the time. I'll break you in nice and easy and work you up to the real thing, but first, you need to admit and give in to your desire for anal. You're scared, but don't worry – you'll be my ass whore in no time.

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