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Miss Tiff – Micro Dicked Loser

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“I am glad to have such whiteboys like Teen 18+ 18+ 18+ 18+ 18+. tiny Toni from Switzerland, the swiss bab.y dick, who supports my mission, which is: to bring the passion for big black cocks to all white women. He knows his place as a complete tiny dick loser and knows, that his microdick can never satisfy a women. He accept the superiority of big black cock, and that white women need black men at their side. I did a small penis humiliation training to him and now he only get his bab.y dick hard, when I humiliate him for his shaved little dicklette. Teen 18+y tiny Toni brings the most important condition for a successful training: He for sure the tiniest dickie that Goddess Tiffany has ever seen (giggling). His little swiss dick react now only on the triggers, which i implant to him: First and most important, that brings his dickie stand up: He loves to hear his blonde white Goddess Tiffany talk about the big black cock, that she takes and loves so much... Teen 18+y tiny Toni is now completely addicted to the humiliation of white blonde goddesses about his useless white little microdicklette...” At the end: “Meanwhile my Swiss bab.y dick Toni is trained, so that I have to show him only the two finger small penis sign, twink a little bit to his face to let him stroke that little dickie before me. You need my humiliation, Teen 18+y tiny Toni, wank your little microdick before me, while i'm showing you the small penis sign ..” Show the sph sign around one minute without talking, only giggle and winking ....

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