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Miss Ruby Grey – Your Pain Is My Pleasure

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**This clip was a custom. No names used.** The male ego is so attached to three main things: your hair, balls, and cock. Come join me as I so eagerly destroy all three in different ways. My truest sadistic self really comes out in this clip. Context: "I have a fantasy of a sadistic woman catching me and shaving my head bald with a razor (shiny bald skin, not clipper buzzed), then causing as much ball pain as possible, before discussing Castrating me. Brutal castration, like cut a ball out of the scrotum and take a take a Taste of it like an apple, while it is still attached, and you are looking into my eyes brutal. Seeking to be scared out of my mind by a playfully sadistic woman so I need you to be able to make this as real as possible. Not interested in feminization talk or degrading talk: just shave a head, then balls are yours for my pain your pleasure. The last part, i have a massive pigtail fetish. I like to see them tight to the head so I can see the lines of your skull and I like to see the pigtail part in the back of your head. I seem to be the only one dying on this hill but I can't get enough a woman with a strong head and I like to get a 360 of it in pigtails where I can clearly see the skin in-between the part."

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