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Miss Maddys Feet – My Homework Slave (Joi)

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Everybody is gossiping about how the loser likes Me - did you seriously think I wouldn’t find out? A hot, popular brat like Me wouldn’t EVER go out with a loser like you, but I would make you useful for Me. Every single class, every single assignment, all My homework…it’s all yours now, loser. And I expect an A in every single course, no matter how much time & dedication it costs you. Now, there will be rewards. I’ll let you jerk that tiny, pathetic little cock for Me if I think you’re doing a good job. But if I see anything less than perfection? I’ll release this video of you jerking to the entire school. What, you didn’t notice I was recording? Jerk harder, little loser, and smile for the camera. you’re going to be an obedient little slave, or else.

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