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Miss Kelle Martina – Dylan’s Edging Game

Miss Kelle Martina – Dylan’s Edging Game
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“Dylan” name used throughout. Kelle says. I basically want a VERY tricky game of Simon says. If you say a command without saying "Kelle Says" first, I have to throw my hands up in the air to show that I'm listening. If I do a command without you saying Kelle says first, I have to restart the video all over again. Your goal is to try to trick me as many times as possible so I have to restart countless times! :) (Important: Stop & ask if you tricked me each time so I know!!) Please start the clip by making me strip completely naked in front of you, while you're fully clothed. Then I’ll stand there naked as you explain the rules. Once the game starts, try to trick me over and over. Be cruel & really torment me with lots of edging, so lots of Kelle says stroke, Kelle says stop. I want to be frustrated with lots of short-duration strokes too! & to really tease me, I’m not allowed to stroke ANY time you strip off a piece of clothing! Just use commands like stop, go faster, slower, switch hands, stare at your cock, etc. End 5 minutes: Be stripped to nothing but panties now. Do a lot of fake cum countdowns with many "Kelle says stop" thrown in. Tease me by counting down, counting up, forgetting the number you're on, starting counts over, etc. Finish with boobs up to the camera and I can only cum on zero when “Kelle says cum”!
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