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Miss Amina Rose – A Failed Experiment (Giantess-Shrinking Fetish)

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*** This was a custom clip; no names were used *** I've been working on new shrinking technology for my physics class and have successfully been able to shrink and regrow inanimate objects, but need to test it on a human being. That's where you come in. After I've successfully shrunken you down to an inch tall and conducted a few simple tests, I try to regrow you and quickly realize the device isn't working. While I tamper with it, I tease you about making yourself useful by rubbing my feet and hinting at the other things you could do for me if you want me to care about growing you back to normal size. When I finally figure out what's wrong, you realize you'll live the rest of your life an inch tall, and those fantasies I teased you about seem to become your new reality: in order to keep you safe in your shrunken state, you'll have to serve me however I please... or risk being trampled.

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