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Medical Check Up

Medical Check Up
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Cucci is convened by the occupational health 4 a medical check-up. He goes 2 the proper address, he knocks on the door n the female doctor lets him in. She demands him 2 fill the formalities required, then she asks him 2 take off his shirt and 2 lay down on the medical couch 2 begin an unusual check-up. Doctor Rosie is somebody out of the ordinary, because she gets used 2 examine her patients, not with her hands, but with her feet. She climbs on him with her high heel shoes and 2 test the resistance of his ribcage, she starts 2 trample & 2 jump on him cheerfully n she sinks deeply her metal stilettos into his belly 2 look into the muscles of his stomach. Then, it's time 4 her 2 test his finger joints, as she steps full weight on them, she verify the muscular tonicity of his arms as she orders him 2 make push ups with her sitting on his back n she analyzes also his respiratory system, by sitting full weight on his face taking his breath away 4 several seconds. Next, 2 check if his digestive system works well, she punches his stomach very hard, she tests the solidity of his ribs n bones them very hard with her shoes, she examines his tongue rubbing harshly her soles n heels against it 2 see if it changes colour n she even crushes his tongue under her shoes 2 test its flexibility. More, she controls the strength n solidity of his cranium as she steps full weight on it with n without her shoes, she checks his flow of by standing full weight on his throat, with his face turning purple. And again, she tries 2 straighten his vertebral column by walking on it and puncturing his vertebrae with her metal stilettos, she examines his procreation system by kicking his family jewels really hard, and since he yells quite loudly she has got the proof that everything works fine down there... Keywords: Femdom, Cucci, Pantyhose, Bootlicking, Boots, , Trampling, Facestanding, High Heels, , , Foot Fetish, Kicking

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