Mean Girl Heather Puts U in Your Panty-Sniffing Place


U make me laugh, pussy boy. No matter how much I mock and abuse u, no matter how much u pretend u hate me, we both know the truth. After I get done laughing at u in front of the ladies, u go home and pump your dorky little pricky-dick into your fist as u’re squealing my name. While I’m blowing my boyfriend, u’re home blowing it into your fist for Heather. HA HA!
And the snobbier I am to u? The bitchier I am to u? The harder u jerk it for me. I want u to admit it. If u confess to me that I own u? I might let u wear my cute white panties over your face, so u can shame-walk past my sorority sisters and go home to jerk your little dorky-dick raw while I’m fucking my boyfriend. Nyah nyah!


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