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Maya Sin – Converted To The Religion Of My Boots

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It’s a beautiful Sunday morning, the sun is shining, the sky is blue and the birds are singing. Maya Sin is out for a walk with her leashed slave in the forest. They pass by a stunning conservation area: it’s an ancient abandoned church ground. Mistress Maya has been walking in her thigh-high boots the entire time. As a result she is getting a little tired and decides to stop to rest her feet for a moment. She sits by the cross outside and orders ballgagged doggy Wilfried to clean her boots with the towel that he has been carrying all along, specifically for this purpose. Yes, doggy Wilfried is always prepared to serve. However, it seems to her that he could do a much better job with his tongue, so she takes off the ballgag and pushes his head onto her boots. She thinks back to the time he used to be religious and visit his local church everyday. She makes him notice that he is now worshipping her perfect, shiny thigh-high PVC boots. Beautiful POV scenes from below. She reminds him that the only reason why he worshipped God was because he was lost until he met her and found a guide in her. She makes him suck her forest-soil-covered high heels clean. She stands up and realises that her perfect latex bottom is covered in dirt. She asks him to clean it with his tongue and makes sure to press his head between her latex butt cheeks. She then decides to take a closer look at this beautiful church ground. Wilfried stands up to follow her. Mistress Maya tells him to get back on all fours and follow him into the chapel. She admires the building and quickly enters to find an altar with a Virgin miniature and some tapers, which immediately bring her to get doggy Wilfried to prostrate himself in front of it and pray to her boots instead. She tells him to get into “praying position” and repeat a few boot-worshipping prayers. Then, she makes him unzip one of her boots and sniff it. She laughs and tells him that she knows that he likes her boots so much that he would fuck them. She makes him thrust between her perfect boots and lick off the sweat that is pearling down her black latex mini skirt, and her armpits. Maya Sin loves putting doggy Wilfried in compromising situations. She thinks that there is something adorable about him ridiculing himself. He is vigorously thrusting, she laughs and orders him to take her boot off to place his dick inside and fuck it. She is teasing him with her long legs and mocking him at the same time. He is extremely aroused. She spits in his mouth. He thanks her for it. She puts her foot inside his mouth and encourages him to masturbate harder. He is such a dirty, filthy boy, gobbling her feet loudly. She finishes off by making him bow down in front of her boots again and telling him to thank her for giving him the privilege of worshipping them, just like he used to worship God.

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