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Madam Violet – Vanilla MindFuck

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Sit back, relax, and listen to Me. I am going to take complete control of your mind, your body and your soul all in the delicious taste of VANILLA. In these days of crazy clown world your dirty little fetishes are a liability, the freaky things you are into are being banned left and right, And that is FINE by Me! I want you fully dressed, headphones on, alone and rady to do nothing but listen. I do not need to indulge in ANY of your weird fetishes to ensure I ENSLAVE you entirely. I am just as powerful served up as vanilla, perhaps even more so. Do you think you can resist? All I want you to do is listen to Me and I will PROVE to you that My power is uncontrollable, unstoppable, it transcends arbitrary human rules, sex, kink and your dick. The bliss of being mesmerised so utterly, the pleasure of being denied access to your cock (vanilla means absolutely NO stroking, haha!) Using nothing but My voice and My Womanly assets I systematically break you down, heavy body, floaty mind, aching dick. Sensual eroticism is pure vanilla and it WILL get you HARD. My words are innocent and they WILL fuck your brain. I will crack you open, empty you out, and then fill you back up with SURRENDER and ACHE And you will know, vanilla is just a flavour and I am God.

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