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Madam Violet – The Invasion

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Don't try to move your head - you can't and there's no point Yelping because there's no one left that cares. We have decided that you dont have the intelligence to live freely so we are colonising your planet, one arsehole at a time. Creatures like you, ‘men', have being fucking things up for long enough. This planet is ours, and you will be harvested one by one. So puny are your minds we have already accessed your deepest desires, we know empirically exactly how to Coerce you into complete surrender. You're jealous of My thick cock aren't you, take yours out, let's stroke together, hmmmm hard already good. Now SUCK, you want it WET, you will need all the lube you can get. OPEN wide, take all of ME in. I'm going push My cock so far down your throat it'll come out your asshole. STROKE as you SUCK... Turn around, bend over spread your ass cheeks. You can resist and **** and Yelp or you can OPEN up and let Me in, moan and groan and STROKE you pathetic cock as I FUCK you with Mine. When I've broken you I will allow you to CUM. Perhaps there's a chance for you to be useful - a life of caged milking is the best you can expect....

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