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Madam Violet – The BLISSFUL Relief Of Being Mindfucked Into Celibacy

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Whatever the reason you find real sex so hard to come by…it’s time to stop trying to fight it, and embrace a sexless life as MY horny slave. You will not miss it and if you're managing to fuck anyone right now, I guarantee they won't miss it, you’re likely a terrible shag! Mental chastity is SO arousing, all you have to do is obey and stroke..and listen as I mind wash you, you respect Women far too much to fuck them. I make you SO HARD, real life pussy is too stressful, no more pussy, more Goddess. NO more sex but MUCH more pleasure… This file will mesmerise, seduce and programme your mind to finally accept the truth - pussy is not for bitches like you, sex is not for slaves like you, not when you have ME. As I rewire your brain to avoid sex, I arouse your body, I am ALL you need! Being DENIED My PUSSY is far more arousing to you than real pussy. Craving My big beautiful tits is so much hornier than slobbering over mediocre tits in real life. Worshiping this GODDESS IS your sex. Listen a few times for fun and HOPE it doesn't take, if you want genuine permanent change listen repeatedly, and you do, so you will. It will be a BLISSFUL relief to have all choice taken away from you, mental chastity means less stress for you and MORE pleasure for everyone.

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