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Madam Violet – Sex Slave To The Matriarchy

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It is never a good sign when you wake up naked, legs shackled to the floor, hands chained to the wall. Your attention is immediately taken by the beautiful Woman standing before you. She informs you it is the end of the patriarchy, Women are taking back what is theirs. A co ordinated global plan has swung into effect and within the next 6 months every single man will be owned by a Woman. Females are the superior sex and men will be nothing but chattel, used as sex slaves, degraded, humiliated, dominated, OWNED IN EVERY WAY. She has chosen you for your perfect combo of your submissive nature and your horny cock. You do not disappoint for as She tells you of the fate of all men your cock is getting harder and harder. She smiles. Chained here naked and hard you will be FUCKED by one Woman after another, if you manage to make Her cum then you earn some timeout of chains.

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