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Madam Violet – Less Thinking More Wanking

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Did you really think that one day your willpower, your logical brain would help you stop being addicted to wanking your cock? Did you REALLY think you could use your intellect to get out of this sticky situation you find yourself in, again and again? Before ME you are always a dumb bitch. and I will prove it to you. Because you are RULED by your cock. Trying to *think* in relation to Me is foolish, it makes you look stupid, and you CANNOT override the dark desires, the deep needs, the cravings. the thing about addictions is that you can’t out think them. I help you to remember that it feels SO GOOD not to think, Stop fighting your cock and just LET GO, embrace what and who you are. Less thinking MORE wanking, more WORSHIP. As I count you down into yet another submissive, mind-fucked ORGASM you realise it’s true - you cannot out-think your cock and you will NEVER resist Me.

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