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Madam Violet – Gooners Redemption

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Strip, kneel and stroke. I’m going to say a lot of mean things to you, all of them true though, which makes My words even more effective, even more brutal, and you deserve it. Your affliction is self created and perpetuated, every day you choose to be a loser because every day you choose your cock over anything else. It’s truly pathetic how addicted you are to gooning, how obsessed with fapping, compelled to jerk your dick every day, knowing that it’s turning your mind to mush, wasting your life with meaningless hand fucking … Some men redeem themselves by SERVING Me with their cock, but not you. You just wanna fap, you just wanna lose yourself in the addictive oblivion of being a loser, you serve your COCK, you serve yourself…and it’s why you’ll never escape this cycle… You are SO pathetic, so fucked up that it makes you HARD to be that way. What will become of you…? Hint: no one cares. Now CUM for Me you little fucking bitch!

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