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Madam Violet – Filling All Your Holes

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I sweetly fuck your mind as we vividly imagine Me fucking your ass. Sensual, powerful, erotic, a feast for the eyes and an insight into one of My favourite past-times. I love to fuck men in the ass. Straight men. The more Alpha the better but I suppose you’ll do too, I want you to be into it FOR ME. It’s so fucking hot, so fucking intimate and I LOVE pretending to have a cock, it’s ok to find Me deeply arousing with a cock, I look fucking good! I make it easy for you by soothing mesmerising and spreading your mind in that way that only I can. Releasing your stupid worries and limiting beliefs (anal is not gay, it’s common fucking sense!) Giving your mind hy p n otic double-binds so it is Encouraged down the path I want it on. I want you to WANT his, because it turns Me on. I look super hot in My jeans and heels, as I stroke My cock and you stroke yours, I make ALL of you ache for Me, make your arsehole ache for Me, cock dripping, making you NEED it. We stroke together and as you imagine Me filling up your ass I fuck your mind…this is the only sex I want you to crave, the sex where I fill up every hole, dominate you on all levels. I give you permission to feel sooooo good, so you can let go and just enjoy he way My words and cock make you feel. Every time I trigger you with the word *GAPE* you drop. I’m fucking you every which way and it feels like heaven!

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