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Madam Violet – 3

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Numbers are powerful and THREE is magical. Repetition is how the brain is programmed, how the cock is trained and how the man is enslaved. Body. Mind. Soul By his Goddess. Mistress. Muse. I’ll SNAP My fingers THREE times. The first will DROP you DEEP. The second will wake you up, and the third will PLUMMET your mind all the way down deeper than the first time. A powerful trance technique that will leave you Suspended in My trance web. I encourage you to stroke. With THREE digits. Each one representing one part of the holy trinity. Goddess. Mistress. Muse. Worship. Obey. Serve. Then I command you to EDGE three times. Timing it perfectly with My THREE snaps. Then I will count you down into orgasm THREE times stopping just before you cum. And then as you are finally allowed to STROKE to CUM, with only three fingers, PUMP for three, STOP for three. I keep encouraging your three digit stroke as I count you down into an explosion of cum and you will say My name out loud three times. I am your Goddess, I am your MISTRESS, I am your MUSE.

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