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Madam Director – You are Never Too Old for a Spanking

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1080 HD My college-age son has just come home for winter break. He seems to think that just because he is 19-years-old and away at school that he is now too old for a spanking from his mother. Well, that just isn’t true. A boy is never too old for a spanking from his mother. I’ve made this video today to demonstrate to all the mothers watching at home that spanking your sons and daughters is always an appropriate form of discipline, no matter their age. I don’t know what my son is getting into now that he’s away from me in college. I want to make sure that I have instilled enough good discipline in him so that he behaves appropriately. This video will show all the mothers watching how to discipline a young adult son or daughter to ensure no funny business while away at college. Some people have written to me saying that corporal punishment is a thing from the last century, but that just isn’t true. Mothers who spank are everywhere! Old fashioned domestic discipline is alive and well here in America! I want the people watching this video to know that I spank my son and daughter and I know of many other moms who do. No need to be closeted about it! Corporal punishment is effective, and in fact, I believe corporal punishment is part of what makes someone a good mother or father. Mothers who spank their sons and daughters do it because we love them! Mommy always knows what’s best for her boy, even as he becomes a young man. I spank my son’s bottom until it is very red and marked. I want to display it on the internet for all to see. This, viewers, is what a mother’s love looks like. I will spank my son well into adulthood, and when he moves on and gets married, I will expect his wife to do the same. We know how important it is to me, from some of my previous videos, for a wife to keep her husband’s behavior in line. We do a lot of over the knee spanking in this video, but towards the end, I have my son kneel so that I can display the full effect of what I like to call “The Rod of Punishment.” I remind my son the entire time that I do this to him because I love him. I have my son thank me for all my attention and care before ending the video. (22:21 long) Clip Contains: Jacob, Lola, Madam Director, Female Domination, Spanking F/m, OTK, Over the Knee Spanking, Paddling, Caning, Hairbrush Spanking, Domestic Discipline, Taboo, Mother/son spanking, Caning, Corporal Punishment

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