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Madam Director – Worship the Source

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1080 HD Today I want for you to deepen your appreciation for the source of what I give to you, toilet. Admire the ass and cunt that fill you so generously. Stroke to the source of what goes into you. Imagine laying beneath me, receptive, as I snap my fingers and say OPEN. And you open your mouth for me because you have been programmed to. And you will swallow everything that I empty into you. My body becomes your body, but it’s not really the best parts of myself I’m putting into you. Stroke and repeat, “I am a toilet.” And you are a toilet because toilets are open and receptive. Your mind is open and receptive, as is your body. I will relieve myself right down your throat, so, so much. And you’ll swallow it all because I’ve changed what you are. You disgust women. You have always disgusted women. The least you could do for us is be our toilet. Have you been empty? Have you been lonely? Have you been feeling like you need to be filled? Good. Give yourself over to me. Give yourself over to me and I will fill you. But it won’t be with something nice. I will fill you with waste. (13:29 long) Clip Contains: Lola, Femdom POV, Toilet Slavery, Control, Mesmerize, Ass Fetish, Shiny Fetish

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