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Madam Director – Three Pump Birthday Denial

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1080 HD It’s my husband’s birthday! Something special happens every year on this day. I tie my husband to the bed, unlock the chastity device he’s been kept in all year, and let him thrust inside me three times. I let him inside me just once a year so that he never forgets what being inside a pussy feels like. I want him to remember and think about exactly what he’s missing the other 364 days. I never want him to forget how good my body feels. I want him to know and think about exactly what he’s missing. Last year, I teased him in chastity for a full 45 minutes before taking him out and sliding him into my pussy. I let him pump three times before taking him out of me and putting him right back in chastity. I know those three strokes were the highlight of his whole year. This year, I tell him I’m going to ride his face first. Lord knows I won’t get any satisfaction from his worthless little penis. I want him to get me off before I let him inside me. “I’ll let you out soon,” I coo as I sit on his face and grind until I’m wet. I can see that my husband is getting very hard and ready to be released from chastity. I unlock him. I remove the cage and reveal a raging erection. I tell my eager husband that I want to edge him for a little while before I slide him into me. Maybe, if he can cum in three pumps, he can actually cum inside my pussy this year. I bet that would be amazing for him. I’ve never let him ever cum inside me before. I tell him that if he can spill with those three pumps, then he can cum inside me. I stroke him right up against my cunt. I tell him any minute I’m going to let him inside me as I stroke him against my nylons. He’s so excited for his three birthday pumps! I tell my husband that I just want to check my phone really quick. My daughter (from my first marriage) is out of the house for our date night and I just want to check in and make sure she’s doing ok. I put my nylons over his face and leave him tied to his bed with a raging hard on while I check my phone. As soon as I pick it up, I see a string of texts that I’ve missed! Oh no! I’m needed elsewhere, right away. I tell my husband that there’s been an emergency situation with my daughter and that I have to run out right away. I leave him tied to the bed with my wet nylons and his throbbing erection and rush out. Of course, there is no emergency. This was all part of my plan to tease the hell out of my husband and leave him totally helpless and frustrated on his stupid birthday. My husband has no idea I’ve been seeing someone else. While my husband lays in our bed, tied up, helpless and alone, I’m going out with my lover to our favorite restaurant. The idiot has no idea that I’m cheating on him. (10:58 long) Clip Contains: Lola, Female Domination, Chastity, Tease & Denial, Face Sitting, Edging, Bondage, Cheating

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