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Madam Director – SPH slave Trained to be Toilet

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1080 HD I’ve been meaning to put this slave in chastity for a while, but the problem was that I couldn’t find a mass manufactured male chastity small enough. I decided that I could solve the problem by putting him in a female chastity belt instead. The slave objects that it will be very humiliating for it to wear a female chastity device, but I don’t care because that isn’t my problem. Oh, and I ordered it in pink. The slave with the small penis is very humiliated at the thought of wearing a pink female chastity device, but really what other color would you order a female chastity in? After some discussion, I remind the slave that it isn’t well endowed enough to be a man, but it also isn’t pretty enough to be a girl. I decide that really the best thing for it is to be neither. Even though I’ve decided it isn’t male nor female, it can still make an excellent object. I’ve got just the object in mind. A useful object. The slave with the very small penis will make an excellent toilet for women. I silence its objections by duct taping a funnel into it’s mouth. I write “toilet” on the slave’s forehead to remind it of what it will now be. The training will begin. Right now. I’ve got a very full bladder and I don’t care if it’s not ready. I will make it. This last section is shot POV. I fill two solo cups from my body. One just wasn’t enough. I tell the slave that two cups full of pee isn’t actually a lot. I remind it that I like to share my things with my girlfriends. I have a lot of girlfriends. It will just be another thing of mine that I share. It will never be a man or a pretty girl, but if it can accommodate the two cups of piss that I’m about to pour down its throat, then it’s well on its way to becoming an excellent toilet. (12:22 long) Clip Contains: The Plumber, Brat Princess Lola, Female Domination, Small Penis Humiliation, Chastity, Humiliation, Toilet Slave Training

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