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Madam Director – One Last Ruin before your Castration

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1080 HD I’m running a special at my clinic this month. For just a small additional fee, your slave can get one last ruined orgasm before its castration! Your wife and step-daughter are out in the waiting room. They are going through a catalogue, trying to decide what to do with your testicles once they are no longer attached to your body. You are going to be much better off as a eunuch. You won’t need chastity anymore. You’ll be nice and pacified, asexual and totally submissive. Instead of focusing on yourself, you can really focus all your attention and energy on whatever your wife and step-daughter want. And if you don’t like your orgasms being ruined, great! This is going to be the last ruined orgasm of your life, so it looks like in a way you are getting what you want, too. You are going to be so great at focusing on housecleaning and domestic chores once you no longer have a sex drive. Let’s face it, you’ve been selfish. Always thinking about your silly orgasm, your silly desires. Well, no more. We are going to take all that away from you today! And once all your pathetic neediness is taken care of, your wife can focus a lot more of her time on a real man. She’s going to find a guy who is much better endowed than you ever were and focus all her attention on him while you stay home and wash her soiled delicates by hand. Ok, so, your last ruin! Excellent, I think we’ve gotten it all out. I’m going to just get my equipment and then slip a little green band around your scrotum. You just stay right here because you don’t have any other choice! Ok, so this little band goes around, like so. Now you keep still in the rope while your testicles turn black and fall off. It will only hurt for a little while and then you won’t feel anything. Your wife is going to be so happy! Can’t wait to tell her how well this procedure today went. (12:53 long) Clip Contains: Lola, Female Domination, Handjobs, Ruined Orgasms, Castratrix, Gelding, Eunuch, Castration, Cuckolding, Financial Domination

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