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Madam Director – No Backing Out

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1080 HD You contacted me for a Domination session. You contacted me. And I said yes. I said I will give you, generously, my time. I can tell that you didn’t think it would be easy. Maybe you thought there would be more hoops to jump through to get close to me. Maybe you believe you are unworthy of my attention. I kind of don’t care what you believe, I want you close. I want minds to play with like trinkets. And I knew from your letter that you had a brilliant mind. Oh, I like the smart ones. I made this little video to let you know that we are now in an agreement, an agreement from which there is no backing out. This is not a dance where you try and win my attention and I again and again reject you. Although, those games are sometimes fun. But that is not the dance I want to dance with you and your clever little mind. I want to draw you in, draw you in, draw you in until you are not sure you have any self left. I want to consume the radiance you so innocently offered. You will see me. Again, and again, you will come see me. And in return, I will take control of your brilliant mind. I will have you in totality. I know that you are afraid, but it is never good to allow one’s actions to be controlled by fear. Fear is not something you should shy from, it is something that you should lean into. I’m going to deeply relax you now. I want you to know that even though you may feel afraid of the things I might do to you when we meet, you can always TRUST me and because you know that you can TRUST me, you can go ahead and feel very CALM when you are around me. While you are relaxed, I implant a few triggers that I will use in session when we meet. These suggestions that I am going to implant are just very, very simple behaviors. But they function as a base for training you to calmly and unemotionally obey me. And, they allow me to bypass your perfectly natural fear of the situation that you have willingly put yourself into so that we can progress with your behavioral training. Wouldn’t you like to know what these triggers are? Yes, well, you will have to see the video I created to find out. I can tell you that after you watch it, you will emerge feeling very devoted and very ready to come serve. (18:48 long) Clip Contains: Madam Director, Lola, Femdom POV, Female Domination, Mesmerize, Mental Domination, Mind Fuck, Submissive/ Slave Training

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