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Madam Director – Marital Devotion Complete

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1080 HD Every Tuesday my husband must prove his devotion to me with a long, hard, spanking. This sort of regular maintenance discipline is what keeps a marriage working. The implements are lain out and my devoted husband waits in the corner, naked. I take my husband by the ear and pull him over my knee. He knows its Tuesday. He both anticipates and dreads it. First, I spank my husband’s bottom over my knee with my bare hand. Then, I bring him back to the corner and have him kneel on a chair to continue. I intend for this spanking to be very hard. I want my husband to weep. When he sheds tears, it makes me feel as though he is displaying his love and devotion for me. I select a paddle, to grant myself the desired result expediently. My husband knows that it is gratifying for me to cane him. Because he’s so devoted, I know that he will accept a caning for my pleasure. I start with rattan on the cold skin of the backs of the thighs, intentionally avoiding areas leathered by the first paddle. I want it to sting and I want nice stripes. Golly, my husband hates this, which makes it that much better for me. After the canes, I deploy his least-favorite paddle. He starts to cry out, which I meet with derision. Next, I put him on his knees on the floor and straddle his back. I go back in with the dreaded least-favorite paddle with my weight spanning his back. Then, it’s time for a plug. I plug my husband’s ass, then go into the leather strap. I land strikes right across where my husband is plugged. After the leather strap, I take up a very, very heavy wooden paddle. This paddle quickly brings my husband to tears! Excellent! I love when he displays emotion. I make him tell me that he loves me while he sobs into our bedding. Now a bit out of sorts, he tries to apologize, but I remind him that he has done nothing wrong. This hard spanking is not a punishment. I remind my darling that it’s simply a Tuesday. As my husband continues to sob, I tell him to cry into the pillow. I love when our bedding is dampened with his tears. I reposition my husband so that I can straddle his face while I spank him. Gosh, he gets fussy towards the end, but I remind him that he loves me and that it’s his obligation to keep his sweetheart happy. A happy marriage is work, but generally worth the effort. I permit my husband to touch himself while I finish the spanking. Normally, he’s in chastity, but I let him out on Tuesdays for his spanking, and if he’s good, he can edge a little after I’m done. I squeeze his head between my knees and continue to spank him with my bare hands while he edges himself. I get a paddle and use the impact to vibrate the plug in his ass while he is right on the edge. Then, I stop when he is near climax. I take a moment to admire some of the marks before wrapping up Tuesday’s routine. (26:24 long) Clip Contains: Peaches, Lola, Female Domination, Spanking F/m, CFNM, Discipline, Paddling, Caning, OTK Spanking, Leather Strap, butt plug, Dominant wife/submissive husband

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