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Madam Director – Long Suffering

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1080 HD A masochist contacted me on the Internet, saying that he wanted to be used in Femdom videos. Graciously, I took it to Fetcon 2018 and whored him out to any producer who wanted to use him. A good number of video producers took advantage of him in their clips. His labor was, of course, free to Female Producers and Femdoms, but I let everyone use him. For some producers, I lent him out at a rate, which varied depending on what I thought the producer would pay. For a few videos, he was paid well, and of course, as its agent, I took my 100% cut. I even lent him to some of the creepy porn guys. I have no idea what they wanted him for, or what they did to him. I spent the better part of my Fetcon relaxing by the pool, having iced coffee fetched from Starbucks, and enjoying foot rub after foot rub. He still hasn’t told me what they did to him, but I’ll just assume he has a reason to be silent and ashamed. In the first part of this clip, I have the masochistic slave from the Internet standing while wearing a ball smasher. I survey the damage to his body from the con. His penis and balls are especially marked. I poke at some of the bruisings along the shaft and ask it how many ballbustings he took while I was poolside. It answers three. Just three?! I thought it would be doing three a day for the five days of the convention, so I expected it to answer at least fifteen. I am disappointed. I ask it how many hours a day it worked for me. It answers eight. Just eight?! A standard eight-hour workday is not appropriate for a slave. As a slave, he should be devoting himself to his new occupation for something more like ten at a minimum. I realize from these answers that this slave must be beaten thoroughly, to toughen it up for further use in the industry. He’s got to be better broken in. Generously, I will help leather its skin and toughen its mind so that he can accept crueler and crueler on-camera situations, whatever the director wants. I will train it for this with just the agreement that I will continue to collect my 100% fee from all its future bookings. Some people think that the arrangement between a masochist and a sadist is the perfect symbiosis, an ideal coupling that is very near romantic. The truth is that a sadist needs suffering. When a masochist enjoys the suffering too much, then they aren’t really suffering for the sadist. A sadist must find ways to make a masochist suffer for them in ways that they do not enjoy or sexualize. That is really the only way a sadist can get true suffering from a masochist to satisfy their own needs. So today, I am locking the masochist into a steel chastity device before the beating starts. I do not want him to sexualize, eroticize or otherwise find a way to enjoy this pain at all. I want him to learn to truly suffer for me in ways that he does not like. This can be accomplished in two ways. I can either take steps (like the chastity device) to enforce that the beating will not be sexual for him and/or I can find types of pain that the masochist does not like. I can administer the type of pain that he does like to reel him (seduce him) into accepting the deeper pain that I want him to accept. I deploy these tactics in the scene that follows. This is a long corporal scene. The complete version starts with the intro, followed by about forty minutes of beating with various implements, and ends with the slave licking the sweat I’ve worked up from my body. (53:42 long). Filmed in the beautiful IDLTRY NYC. Clip Contains: Yogi, Lola, Female Domination, Chastity, Whipping, Caning, Flogging, Financial Domination, Foot Worship, Sweat, Marking, Paddling, Corporal, BDSM, Bondage, Slave Training, Ball Smashing, Armpit Licking

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