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Madam Brandon – Turning Out my White Boi for BBC

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Join my Members Only Site now and gain access to my latest XXX content I don't post here and my premium content for discounted rates available to Subscribers ONLY!! Join now and receive a FREE 5 minute custom for doing so! ***No Preview, To Naughty!!** Basically, I'd like you to make me your whiteboi cuck.  Most of the vid is you nude, showing me different sex positions, making me clean you out in each.  Reluctant at first, you decide to turn me into a pussy free whiteboi, and you encourage me to cum for Big Black Cock:) -Pretend I caught you fucking my black bully Tyrone.  You saw me jerking off. -Tease me, talking about how superior Black Men are, how I'm a wimpy white boi etc., while you strip nude. -Pretend to see me get hard, act surprised like, OMG STEP-son, are you gay for BBC?  Tyrone told you I was a sissy, but you didn't believe him... -Get on a bed doggystyle, teasing me with your white ass, you know I sneak peaks at it around the house, telling me how Tyrone likes to grab it, how his sexy black six pack slams into it as he fills your white pussy with BBC. -Tell me Black Men never wear condoms, they're Alpha, and Tyrone blew a massive load of Black Seed inside your white pussy:)  And a good little white boi would want to clean it up...Am I good little white boi? -Pretend I dive in, and start cleaning you deep and hard, act crazy surprised, like you didn't think I'd do it, twitch, and moan, but look back at me wide eyed, you cant believe what I'm doing! -Tell me it's what all whitebois do, we eat black cum from white pussys;) -Pretend you really enjoy it.  Talk about how much you love BBC, how I should jerk my little white penis for it etc.  Twich and moan a bit throughout.  Show me different positions, making me clean you in each.  Keep reminding me I better do a good job, and make STEP-mommy cum -For the last bit, be missionary, build yourself up, like I'm doing such a good job, I'm going to make step-mommy cum!  Moan and shake, pretend to have a huge orgasm, curling your toes, rolling your eyes, screaming about how much you love BBC. Look at me, super happy, put one foot in my face, make me suck your toes, as you tell me to jerk for BBC -spread your other leg, tell me to stare at your white pussy, imagine a Big Black Cock fucking it, throbbing, emptying his Black Balls deep inside your white pussy...There's more but its to Taboo and naughty for

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