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LongHairLuna – Andromeda Virgin Impregnation POV Sex

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-LISTEN WITH HEADPHONES- A 50 minute movie, inspired by the mythology of Andromeda. We start, with a flashback sequence. Andromeda is preparing her body for sacrifice to the beast. She bathes herself in mystic pheromones and sweetens her body with a soap bar from the Seer. It will help the beast track her. We see close up shots of Andromeda masturbating, bathing, dreaming of a strong warrior to come save her, grasping onto sheets in desperation. Andromeda pleads to the gods to not allow her to die a virgin, and prays that the warrior shall find her before the beast to fulfil her deepest desires. But the gods have other plans. We see Andromeda undress and the beast emerge from the water in POV, tracking every inch of her body with his eyes, smelling and tasting her with the end of his long tentacle cock. Andromeda is allured by the beast, shocked at his strong, broad form... She pleads the beast to take her, for not a mortal man has tainted her loins. She begs for the beast's seed, as she rides his huge 16 inch cock. After the beast and Andromeda cum together, she entices him with her body back to the water, suggesting the beast take her into the sea kingdom as his breeding toy, for the villagers will think she is dead anyway.

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