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Kiffa Feet Deusa – Bossy hot roommate EP 1 ruins stupid slave date

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The Bossy hot roommate is relaxing on her sofa, when her stupid roommate enters the living room. He complains about she is invading his part of the sofa with her foot. She makes a gesture to order him give her a foot massage. He complains that she is too bossy and she is such a bitch. She makes him smell her smeelly feet. She orders him to do a foot massage. He does the foot massage with her sneaker on. He gets slapped for being such an idiot. The stupid roommate guy have a date on 20 minutes. But she will make him lose his date! Suddenly, her food arrives. She orders him to get her food on the door and pay for it. He got her food and paid for it. He continues to smell her sock feet. She makes him sniff her feet. She says that it is her day to clean the house. She will make him clean the house, while she goes see her boy. He doesn't go on his date, and will clean the house for her. What a stupid roommate! He is soo stupid , that she makes him swallow his socks! The foot worship continues and she makes him suck her toes, gag on her feet, and lick between her toes, while she relaxes on the sofa. The stupid roommate lost his date, he is late now, but she orders him to clean her room now, while she goes on her date with a real men. He is such a cuckold roommate , and she is such a mean roommate.

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