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Kasha Reine – Brainless For Tits

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Let me guide you through a deeply sensual mesmerizing trance state, making you completely brainless for my tits. You don't need to think, you only need to relax and allow the sound of my voice to take you down the rabbit hole. My eye contact penetrates your psyche and the soft cleavage of my natural breasts quickly makes your mind malleable. Very soon you fall under my spell and can't stop staring. Just allow yourself to succumb to my enchanting commands and surrender to the power of my perfect tits. You can't resist the urge to obey them, it's why you're becoming addicted. Slowly you're lead deeper into trance and I reveal a little more and more until they're totally bare and instantly you drop into complete submission and mindlessness. This is your only purpose now. To give in and become brainless for tits. Over and over again you will hear this echo in your head until every last one of your thoughts disappears and there is only my power over you with my adorably soft bouncing tits.

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