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JaniraWolfe – Sacrificed to The Goddesses

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The All-Powerful Goddess Wolfe has come down from the realm of the Goddesses to collect a very important human sacrifice: you. The honor you are about to receive is the highest honor any human has ever had bestowed upon them, for you will be the Goddesses first ever sex servant. Goddess Wolfe and some of Her fellow Goddesses have begun experiencing almost human-like urges and desires-- those that can only be satisfied by the most worthy human man. As the Divine Being before you examines your body, and describes how She'll use it, you become more aroused than you've ever been in your life. The thought of spending eternity pleasing the Goddesses... and having your life taken for the privilege... is just... hot beyond words! Goddess Wolfe's excitement grows along with your throbbing member. She decides to give you one last orgasm in the human world, with just a touch of Her Goddess finger, before putting an end to your time here.

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