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Infidelity Trauma!

Infidelity Trauma!
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Cucci and his girlfriend, Diamant are moving house so are packaging all their gear in preparation. Diamant suddenly realizes she needs to get some pills so tells Cucci she will need to nip out but to carry on packing as she will be back soon. Soon after she leaves there is a knock at the door, it is Sui Chen looking 4 her friend Diamant. Cucci invites her in to wait, but soon his nice guy image disappears as he begins to flirt with her. Then to poor Sui Chen's amazement he takes his shirt off and pounces on her like a dog on heat! Keywords: Femdom, Cucci, Free, Female Domination, Fetish, Diamant, Enya, Sui Chen, Hand Crushing, , Young, Trampling, Trample, Facesitting, , Foot Fetish, Foot Worship, Footworship, Footlicking, Foot Licking, Humiliation, Facestanding, Face Standing, , Brutal

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  • Author: Benteke Added July 22, 2016 at 13:03

    You are awesome Garry! Thank you so much for the videos. Could you request video375 Cheerleading On You for future updates?

    • Author: Garry Added July 26, 2016 at 11:44

      Thanks you for feedback.
      If this video is available on website – I upload it here.