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If your balls survive, I’ll blow u

If your balls survive, I’ll blow u
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If your balls survive, I'll blow u

Kelly is feeling especially mischievous today. She tells her slave that she'll give him a blow job, if he can make it through 20 hits 2 the balls

He''s eager to start, but soon realizes that she is not playing around when it comes to hitting his balls this time. They are all direct hits, and snappy at that

She drops him 2 his needs and says in her sweet cheerful voice, "are u sure u'll make it? That wasn't that hard....."

Then she grabs him by the balls n picks him back up on his feet. Eventually his is completely on the ground n done from a sharp kick with her serious high heels. As he's moaning and coughing she bends over n sweetly says, "maybe we should just remove your balls... they're getting u into trouble........."

He begs her not to, and she stomps his balls a little, sweetly n kindly disagreeing, that he really should be Nutted. With one last kick while he's down she leaves the room with a sexy walk and he's still on the floor moaning.

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