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I Bet U`ll

I Bet U`ll
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After a boozy night in the disco, Maya & Natacha the two best friends in the world, come back home. They are enough 2 play the silly game "I guess u won't" in which a girl must think about something that the other girl won't be able 2 do. So, they starts thinking about dumb things like "I guess u won't have a quickie with a married man", or «I guess u won't have sex with two men at the same time" or again "I guess u won't a bottle of whisky in Ten minutes" and so on. But, when Natacha claims "I guess u won't be able 2 dominate a man" she is far 2 imagine what her friend has in store 4 her. Maya asks her 2 wait, she leaves n when she comes back, she is holding a man on leash. He is on all fours and at her command, he crawls forward 2 kiss her shoes. Natacha can't believe her eyes 2 see this unreal scene n ask her friend 2 explain. Maya with a sadistic smile on her face, claims with pride that he is her slave, a man that obey at all her orders, that she can use n abuse whenever she wants, in short a useless man that can satisfy all her wishes n whims. Maya invites her friend 2 try him and his 1st assignment is 2 lick their shoes clean. Next, Maya 2 impress her friend n 2 show her how well this slave is dressed blindfolds his eyes and she orders him 2 keep licking their shoes n 2 guess 2 whom do the shoes belong 2. He guesses wrong n Maya's reaction is furious. She slaps him and she starts 2 trample him wildly joined by Natacha that enjoy more n more 2 dominate a man. The two girls sink deeply their very sharp heels into his flesh, they jump several times on him with Natacha doing it especially on his private parts. Next, he removes their shoes n he is d to lick their soles, 2 suck each of their toes & even 2 swallow their feet both at the same time. Once he has licked every inch of their feet, they trample him ly barefoot. They are deadly tired now, so Maya invites her beloved friend 2 sleep with her 4 the night and she s the slave 2 rest at their feet like a human footstool. Keywords: Femdom, Cucci, , Boots, Facestanding, Trampling, , Foot Fetish, Kicking,

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