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Husband Beater

Husband Beater
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It's very late one night n Cucci can't get 2 sleep as he's worried about his wife. She hadn't come back home yet n he worries that something bad has happened 2 her. He tries 2 ring her on her mobile but gets only the answer machine. He's really worried now but being so tired after a long day, falls asleep anyway. A few hours later finally his wife Riama arrives back home but is in a real mess! She is totally, holding one of the many bottles of wine she has that night in her hand as she isn't able 2 walk straight. She needs some time before being able 2 open the door. When she finally is able 2 enter the flat she takes ages just 2 find the light switch. is woken by all the noise & when seeing her in such a state tries 2 help her asking her 2 sit down. But Riama is out of her mind. She doesn't want any help from him, being so she just acts aggressively. Cucci can't believe his eyes 2 see her this way... and can't believe his ears 2 hear her talking so rudely n constantly insulting him. He tries 2 be patient with her but just gets a shoe thrown at him n a load of insults thrown at him too! Riama starts accusing him of being a useless husband... a person that she hates as he doesn't give her enough attention. She starts 2 scream at him telling him that it's time 2 take care of his wife as she deserves n 2 show her how much he loves her. So she orders him 2 lick her shoes... a strange request 4 proof of love but Cucci can't ask too many question at the moment... he has 2 obey just 2 calm her down. So even if it's quite disgusting n pretty 2 lick the shit under the sole of her shoes he has no choice but 2 do it. Keywords: Femdom, Cucci, Humiliation, Trampling, Facestanding, Foot Worship, Shoeslicking, , Hand Crushing, Fetish, , Ponyplay,

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