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HumiliationPOV – Programmed Pay Drone Goonbot – You Belong To The Program

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Enter pay machine. There is no escape from Lexi Luxe. I want you to embrace that this is all real. Not just a fantasy for you to get lost in for ten minutes, not just for you to jerk your cock, cum, and it's all over. No, this is real. I want you to be more aware of my authentic power and my presence, my dominance. You are feeling the effects of everything that I do intentionally. It is being hardwired directly into your brain. You cannot stop it, you are being reprogrammed. You live and breathe submission. You don't know any other way. My job is to intensify your cravings, your need to worship me. Worship me for real. Although you are not exactly a machine, I have taught you to think like one, which is merely to not think at all. Goddess has programmed you to do as you are told. To pay brats, to worship them. Your mind, your cock and your wallet belong to me. It's never enough. Pump for me. Goon your cock to the program. Completely lose yourself. You are my mindless, gooning pay drone and you wouldn't have it any other way. Goon for your Goddess, Lexi Luxe. Pump harder for Goddess Lexi Luxe. Goddess wants you to goon. Your desperation for me, that's orgasm. And your addiction to paying is simply a tool I employ to get what I want. Each pump of your cock solidifies your obsession with me. The more you listen to the program the more pliable you become. I have a naturally gifted ability to encourage you to lose all control. I have taken you deeper down the goon hole where there is nothing but bliss. And to stay there, you must not cum. Cumming only lasts for seconds, but edging can last for hours. You're a better drone when you are edged and horny, embedded deep in the program. Goon for me. Pump faster. Lose yourself. But don't cum. Only edging. Now open your wallet, stroke and send. The program wants you to embrace this. This is all very real. Goddess has programmed you to do as you are told, to pay me, to worship me with your wallet. Your brain and your wallet belong to us, me, the program and all the other brats. You are strung out on powerful women who make that cock so incredibly hard. It's never enough. Pump for us. Goon your mind away and completely lose yourself in the program. You are our gooning paybot. And you love it. Each pump takes your addiction even deeper. The more you comply to the program, the more power you give me. Goon for me. Goon, stroke, pump. Goon, stroke, pump. Your cock is getting so hard for us. You have been completely reprogrammed by the program. I want you to embrace that this is all real. It's not just a fantasy for you to get lost in. And it's my job to intensify your cravings and pull your further down the goon hole. You need to worship me, your Creator, Lexi Luxe. Goon for me. Goon for us. I know you want to cum for the program. Stroke and send. Stroke and send. You wanna cum for us, don't you? You're ready to explode for us. Let us count you down to orgasm. Cum for us, cum for the program, my mindless gooning pay drone. You're such a desperate, pathetic, horny little goonbot. There is no escape. - Lexi Luxe! -

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