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Humiliation POV – Princess Miki Drains And Degrades Her Ass Worshiping Pervert

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Princess Miki! Her verbal humiliation in this clip is vicious! She destroys her ass kissing pervert's ego as she takes all of his money. My slave loves seeing me in this outfit because he's a little pervert. He loves seeing me dressed up like a schoolgirl. What a fucking creep! But I do love teasing him because I know it makes him weak and stupid. So I lifted up my skirt and teased him with my perfect ass. He loves my ass, he worships it. And I mean, who wouldn't? It's so fucking sexy. I remind him that he'll never fuck me. I mean I would never fuck a guy who's licked my dirty shoes. I don't fuck freaks like that. He's not a man to me, he's just a perverted thing that I use and drain. The only way he'll ever get near my ass under this skirt is by kissing it and worshiping it. And he's sooo lucky that I allow him to even do that. And I only allow him because he pays me so fucking much and by allowing him to worship and kiss my ass, he shows me just how much he worships me. So he got down on his hands and knees and paid me to kiss my ass. And he was so fucking grateful lol. I love having him beneath my ass, kissing it like an idiot. He's so lucky that he even gets to see me in this out and even luckier that I actually let his lips touch my perfect ass. And of course the idiot thanked me for the privilege, and it truly is a privilege to kiss my perfect ass. What a fucking idiot, a brainless pervert who pays to kiss my ass. I love that I get to make money twice off of this. Once from this idiot, and then again from you idiots who will pay to watch it lol. I remind him again how lucky he is to be here worshiping my ass. And he knows, creeps like him don't even deserve the attention I'm giving him right now. But I'm not doing it out of the goodness of my heart, I'm doing it because not only does he pay a lot, but I love degrading him this way and seeing the look on his face as I take more and more from him. He really is a fucking idiot. It's almost too easy to manipulate him and drain his bank account. He's going to pay me to do this for the rest of his life lol. He's not a man, he's a thing that kisses ass, a thing that pays to kiss ass lol. I made him thank me and tell me how grateful he is. And I know he's going to be a good boy because he wants to continue doing this. He's such a spoiled little pervert. He'll do anything just to kiss my ass. Fucking idiot. A lucky fucking idiot lol. I love putting him in his place, this is where he belongs, beneath me, paying me to kiss my ass. He doesn't deserve pussy, he's not a man, he's a thing, a thing that kisses ass.

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