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Humiliation POV – Findom Isn’t Enough Blackmail-Fantasy Is The Rush You Need

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Goddess Dommelia! Do you remember where this all began, bitch boy? It all started off so small, so innocently, didn't it? You stumbled across findom, just a slightly dangerous fetish. It was a humble beginning, just sending a few tributes here and there, buying items off of a girls' wishlist, reimbursing her daily needs. Just small amounts, and that was enough for awhile, wasn't it? But you were always the type of man who was attracted to things that he shouldn't be, dangerous things that could lead to dangerous addictions. You were always a fuck up, I mean how many men pay girls for getting nothing in return? I can tell you it's not many, you're definitely in a very niche fetish. So the path was already paved for you to be sucked in, to be molded, to be manipulated into needing more than just findom.

The thrill started to wear off a little bit, didn't it? And it was the thrill that made your cock hard. And like an escalating trigger, you needed more and more in order to get really hard and horny. So you started sending bigger tributes and they scratched that itch for awhile. But that still didn't satisfy your fucked up nature. And then you found yourself getting sucked in deeper and deeper into a world of danger. You found yourself risking more and more. You found blackmail-fantasy, didn't you bitch boy? And that really got your heart racing, didn't it? That really got your cock throbbing to the thought of blackmail-fantasy.

Normal findom just got too easy. With normal findom you had all the control, but what you truly craved was to be out of control. To let someone else have all the control. You wanted to be owned. And the only way to do that is to give a woman so much power, that she could literally destroy you, unless you do exactly what she says. Unless you pay exactly what she tells you to pay. It used to be so easy, all you need to do was to just send a small amount, and you would get off. It was too easy, it was boring, you needed a woman who was going to get every last bit of information out of you and have complete control of your finances. That was the rush you'd been seeking.

You began sending your name, your picture, your phone number, your address, your wife's email address and lots and lots of incriminating evidence because this blackmail-fantasy thing is a slippery slope. And once she had that incriminating evidence and all the resources to send that information to in order to ruin you, that is what got your cock harder than anything else you had ever experienced. And there was no going back now. That's so hot, isn't it? Just the thought is making you really fucking horny right now. Findom just wasn't enough for you. No, you needed blackmail-fantasy. You needed to be completely controlled forever. You needed to know that the only way out was up to her.

Every single part of your life completely controlled by her. By me. You know you want to get blackmailed-fantasy by me, don't you? You could just send me money, but you could also give up your deepest, darkest secrets to me. You could send me more information that I could possibly need to use. And I know that's what you want to do, isn't it? You've been completely triggered by my words. You can feel it. You crave blackmail-fantasy. You need it. You need a devious, manipulative, controlling woman like me to seduce you into my blackmail-fantasy web and keep you there forever. Doesn't that sound like something that you need?

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