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Humiliation POV – Don’t You Wanna Be Our Step-Daddy-

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Mandy Marx and Lucid Lavender! Why are you so mad that your son gave his car to us? Your son's not mad, he's happy that he gave it to us! Let's all calm down, I'm sure we can work this out. I know you're upset, but just try to relax. Take a deep breath in and think about the facts... Your son is pretty happy, Lucid is happy, and I'm pretty happy and now let's talk about you being happy. What would make you happy? There's no reason to be so angry. Everyone in this situation besides you seems pretty pleased. Your son is happy and we could make you very happy and maybe you can make us a little happier. We like that idea, it sounds fun... You seem more relaxed but I want you to relax even deeper. I want you to watch us and breathe in and out as I move my hand. Breathe in when it goes up and out when it goes down. Good, now look into my eyes, it doesn't matter what I say, everything is becoming easy. No matter what's going on in front of you, we are happy and calm. Everything is ok. We're going to come to a resolution that benefits all parties. Doesn't this feel so much better? You see how good you can feel, how relaxed your body is, how relaxed your mind is. Your body is melting. Your head is feeling hazy. Oh and is your cock feeling hard? Very good. Let that sensation grow. Now let your hand make its' way to your cock as your eyes get heavier. Keep following my hand and breathing with me. Everything feels so good. Gently stroking your cock. Stroking and pumping. It's so nice and big now. We love watching it grow. Trying to act like this isn't what you wanted, trying to act like you haven't thought about this before. You know what you are, you know what you are to us, you know what you could be. ('Install the trigger.') You could be our 'Step-Daddy'. Do you wanna be our step-daddy? Do you wanna take care of us? Give us what we want and we'll give you what you want. When you're our step-daddy we can make you feel so good. ('Keep installing the 'step-daddy' trigger and then we'll get everything we want.') Have you ever thought about two pretty younger girls that will be yours? Who know just what feels good for you, who know just how you like to stroke that cock? Step-Daddy wants to protect his little girls. You wanna make sure we're safe on the road, that we have safe cars, brand new cars. Expensive cars. Two. How cute would we look if we had matching sports cars? And then maybe your son can have his car back. You're gonna buy us each a car. It feels so good to stroke for us, doesn't it? Doesn't it feel so good to buy us things? Imagine how good it will feel when you cum when you finally become our 'Step-Daddy' and can spoil us with those cars. Keep stroking it for us, Step-Daddy. You're already our Step-Daddy now, you're in our room, you're stroking your cock, you are our Step-Daddy, now stroke your cock like our Step-Daddy. Your so hard and horny, that's what we can do to you Step-Daddy, that's what we can do to you every time, don't you want that? Don't you want us to make you cum? Don't you want to spoil us? We can take away all of your cares. Step-Daddy's little girl, I'll be such a good girl for Step-Daddy. And then Step-Daddy can drive around in our new cars, think about how much fun we can have in that car. Just us and Step-Daddy. No cares in the world, just Step-Daddy cumming. Don't you wanna make us happy? And we can make you happy. Don't you wanna cum for us, Step-Daddy? Don't you wanna play with us? We love playing with you. We can own you. We can be your little girls. Doesn't that sound nice, Step-Daddy? Don't you wanna play? Over and over again. First the cars, then who knows. We'll let you buy us whatever you want. And you'd like that, wouldn't you Step-Daddy? Build it up for us, get yourself so close. We wanna see you cumming. We'll be Step-Daddy's good little girls. We do such incredible things with our bodies. We can tease you. We can touch each other. Don't you wanna see all the things we can do to each other? Don't you wanna experience everything your little girls can do for you? Stroke it Step-Daddy. Stroke Step-Daddy Stroke. Get closer. Harder. Cum for us Step-Daddy, cum for us and buy us each a car. There you go, didn't that feel so nice? Didn't it feel so good to cum for us? I know that was really intense, but it feels so much better now that you've had that release. Don't worry, we won't tell anyone.

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