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Her Toy

Her Toy
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Cucci has spent the night at a disco and it was his lucky day as he meets a gorgeous blonde named Angela. He is overwhelmed by her looks n immense charm and invites her back to his house. Cucci feels she is very opened minded, the exact kind of girl he was searching for so decides to tell her about his little secret and describe in detail his secret fantasies n desires. He explains to her that he's very sensitive to the beauty of a girl's feet and that he literally loves to have his cock stroked and stepped on. Angela is curious and intrigued by the whole thing and wants to give it a go immediately! She gently strokes his cock with her shoe but hesitates stepping on it being scared to hurt him. Cucci reassures her so she steps with both of her shoes directly on his cock. She enjoys the situation but prefers to remove her shoes to feel his cock directly on her barefeet for an even better sensation. She starts to caress his cock with her barefeet then steps on it applying all her weight. Angela gets more n more intrigued and excited by the situation as she feels his cock getting harder n harder under her feet. With great precision she removes his belt with her toes and starts playing with his cock under his underwear like a little girl that has just discovered a new toy to play with. Angela starts to feel really powerful having his cock crushed under her feet and suddenly shuts Cucci up by standing on his face. Angela is enjoying this more and more and looks like she now wants to take total control. She removes his underwear the same way she removed his belt n starts 2 play with his dick like a cat playing with a mouse. She steps on his cock with so much energy and enthusiasm that Cucci is forced to ask her to be more careful and crush it a bit more gently. His words are lost in the wind as from now on she is going to play with her toy exactly the way she wants to, if it hurts or not and if he likes it or not. To avoid listening to his complaints she then steps directly on his mouth while playing with his cock, treating it like a sort of punchball. Than she steps full weight on his cock in all possible positions. His cock being so hard now she needs all her imagination and energy to crush it completely flat under her feet and causing inhuman pain to poor Cucci. She also gives particular care and attention to his balls that she all tortures with her feet in the most unbelievable ways. Cucci is suffering like hell, but the more he suffers the more she gets excited and the harder she beats him. We can't do justice to this great video with mere words, the pictures go further in letting you know how special it really is. Just be aware that in the rest of the video his cock n balls will get stepped on, walked on, stomped, crushed, kicked, squashed, tied up and pulled, harassed, deformed, stretched, squeezed, sandwiched and scratched and speared in the most incredible, ridiculous and crazy ways. Keywords: Femdom, Cucci, Free, Female Domination, Fetish, Angela, Extreme Domination, Ball Crush, Crushing, Ball Abuse, Facestanding, , Face Standing, Facesit, Face Sitting, Face Sit, , Ball Stomping, Balls Busting,

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