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Happy Slapping

Happy Slapping
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Sassou is the daughter of a rich real estate owner and she lives in one of the apartments of his father. While she is trying her new sexy lingerie suit in her bedroom, suddenly, the cleaning man that didn't know she was there, opens the door without knocking. Sassou, first embarrassed and then furious, starts yelling at him that he'll be fired. The man begs her to forgive him, but, totally indifferent to his apologies, the spoiled and sadistic girl, tells him that the only way he has not to be fired is to accept a corporal punishment. To save his job, the man has no choice but to accept ! She ties his arms behind his back and she starts an ultra violent series of non-stop face slaps, for 15 interminable minutes. At the end of the 15 longest and most painful minutes of his life, red-faced and with some of his capillaries that seem to burst, the man is exhausted. But his corporal punishment has just started as she spears his hands with her metal stilettos, she kicks violently his ribs and face and she tramples him. She ties him up again and she leaves to get changed into sporty clothes. When she comes back, she kicks him in the stomach, chest and balls, she tramples and she jumps on him wildly, she steps on his throat and face and she delivers one of the most incredible terrific series of face stomping you have ever witnessed. Her face pounding caused bruises all over his face and teeth ing. She ties him up and she leaves again. When she returns, she is dressed in a sexy outfit, black stockings and deadly spike heels. She tramples him harshly under ultra sharp and painful high heels and she continues to torture him harder and harder, with tremendous face stomping, kicks and another long series of hard face slaps. She fires him and she kicks him out of her house. Forever...

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